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  1. Can I have more than one supporter on the mountain?
    A: No, we have a strict policy of only one support runner on the final mountain section. This supporter must also carry the mandatory safety kit and stay with the runner for the duration of this part of the course. This is for safety and tracking reasons. The mountain is dangerous, the weather unpredictable and we do not want to have people on the mountain we cannot account for.
    This policy will be enforced at the mountain safety checkpoint – T2a.
  2. Can I have extra support T-shirts as I have more than one in my support team.
    A: No, we issue one supporter T-shirt which is used an access pass to the transition areas. You can of course pass it between different members during the day but only one supporter is allowed in the transitions.
  3. Is my showerproof jacket sufficient for the mountain?
    A: No, you must have a fully waterproof jacket with hood and taped seams, we will not allow you to enter the mountain without this and we will test it at kit check.
  4. Is a phone/watch compass OK?
    A: No, you must have a manual compass. Phone batteries and GPS signals can fail. It is imperative to have a “proper” compass and be able to use it.
  5. Can I bring and carry my own survival bag rather than yours?
    A: We would recommend you carry the one we provide, it is lightweight and designed for British conditions. If you have an alternative please talk to the kit-check crew.
  6. Can I have a support runner between T2 and T2A?. Can they be on a bike?
    A: Yes you can but they must also carry the mandatory kit. We do not allow bikes on the new run course as some of the trails are not roomy enough.
  7. Can I use trekking poles on the mountain?
    A: We do not rule against this but remember, it’s extra gear to carry.
  8. Do I need a triathlon license?
    A: No you do not, because we’re non-sanctioned, there is no personal accident cover for athletes but everyone is covered for 3rd party PLI under the Celtman Ltd. policy.
  9. What is the minimum age for support runners?
    A: They must be over 16 but please note this is no run in the park, the mountain is a serious environment and your support runner is there to “support” you. We do not want situations where the supporter has to be taken care of by the athlete.
  10. Do I have to come to registration at the prescribed times?
    A: Yes, it is important to work to our timetable. In exceptional circumstances we can accommodate for you – please contact the organisers if you will have a problem.
  11. Does my support runner have to personally bring their kit to the kit check?. Can I bring it for them and have it checked?
    A: We must check both the athlete’s and support runner’s kit. If the supporter cannot make registration then we can check the kit in their absence. Please note the support runner MUST attend the safety briefing.
  12. Can you help me sort out accommodation?
    A: Unfortunately not, please use one of the many hosting sites available.
  13. What are the dates for future races?
    A: We do not announce the following year’s date until shortly after the race due to varying factors but as a guide we are usually in mid-late June.
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